SEO is not a dark art; its secrets known only by an inner-circle of computing conjurers and web wizards. However, it is a practice cloaked in mystique and understood by few. Cornish Pixel aims to demystify the process of SEO and encourage a wider understanding of such a fundamental business function. Simply, search engine optimisation is the technical process of ensuring a website can be simply and quickly found by search engines, such as Google. Websites achieve maximum search engine optimisation by using relevant keywords, correctly labelling content, fostering quality source links and suitably structuring a site to enable search engines to easily identify products, services, locations and contact details. The easier it is for a search engine to match your business to the search terms, the higher a business will rank.

The internet is continuously changing. Millions of pages of new content appear daily, as more websites are created and more businesses and individuals come online. To adapt to these changes, search engines are becoming ever more sophisticated in how they read and catalogue web pages. If your website isn't optimised, search engines won't return your site as a result that matches your potential customers' search, resulting in a loss of business.

Search engine optimisation should not be seen as a 'wishlist' service; something you'd quite like but want to save for a later date. Simply, without effective SEO your beautifully crafted website is an island. If you’re serious about finding customers and growing your business, you will need to consider SEO.


SEO is not magic; but it is highly-skilled, complex and labour intensive work. As Cornish Pixel does not conduct any black or grey hat tactics (underhand or illegal manipulation of search engine indexes which contravene strict search engine rules), we work incredibly hard for our clients to achieve strong natural listings. There are no quick fixes in SEO.

All search engines are spectacularly complex technical programmes, created by the whizziest of mathematical and scientific minds. The algorithms used to index webpages change often and as Cornwall SEO experts, the team at Cornish Pixel spend a considerable amount of time keeping abreast of changes when they occur and adapt SEO strategies accordingly.

By choosing Cornish Pixel to manage your SEO (plus e-commerce and web design) you are entirely free to focus on the day-to-day management of your business and enjoy the growth achieved by having a professionally optimised website.


Why choose Cornish Pixel SEO?

We offer local, national and global reach SEO packages depending on your requirements and budget.

We provide monthly progress and ranking reports for your main keywords, in order to benchmark performance. Should a drop in rankings occur, we’ll act to remedy this immediately.

Our design and SEO team work alongside one another to build a powerful, yet beautiful website that performs. On-the-page SEO should be done seamlessly to ensure the most positive user experience.

Our in-house professional and experienced copywriter provides well written and well optimised content which strengthens your brand. Many businesses race to get rankings and distribute inferior waffly content, lacking quality.

We speak plain English and promise never to bombard our clients which techie jargon. And should we ever need to talk meta-tags, bounce rates and canonicalization, we’ll explain such terms simply.

Cornish Pixel believes in developing prosperous long-term relationships. We do not offer SEO with the promise of instant results. Good and ethical SEO takes time; search engines need to know you’re a credible business and not a shady spammer. We offer our clients a guarantee of a professional and dedicated approach to SEO that will lead to long-term rankings.

The SEO process at Cornish Pixel:

During our initial meeting (our place or yours) and beyond, we’ll take time to get to know you and your business, your products/services, your competition and your objectives. If you have chosen the Cornish Pixel web design and development services, such information will also help in capturing the essence of your business and the personality of your brand.

SEO Audit: During an SEO audit, we’ll look thoroughly at your website and identify any issue that could affect your search engine rankings. We ensure no SEO stone is unturned as we check all title tags, keywords, images, video and maps.

Keyword research: Together we’ll determine the most effective keywords to assist in your SEO and identify which search terms offer the greatest marketing opportunity for your company, product or service.

Keyword placement: Once the desired keywords have been selected, we’ll look at your site to ensure these specific words are positioned in the most advantageous and strategic places. There is more to keyword placement than simply stuffing hundreds of the same keywords on a page. This is unprofessional SEO and considered bad practice, which could result in penalties.

Optimising URLs and titles: Incorporating your keywords into the URL structures ensures you are maximising your SEO potential. We’ll also ascertain whether your pages, images, links and downloadable items are carefully labelled.

Backlink creation: Backlinks are direct references to your website from other sites which Google favours enormously. Essentially, search engines view these links as a vote for your website and confirms your site’s credibility and popularity.

Compelling content creation: This is integral to a website’s success. Businesses need to create content that is of high value and relevance to your audience. Using an optimal mix of press releases, blogs, articles and social media platforms, our team will collaborate with you to tell the story of your business.


Ready to get started? Let’s work together.